Where can I find out how much the heat consumption is in my building?

Information about the heat consumption of your building can be found from a report attached to the bill from the previous year. The report should depict the monthly consumption rates and the total annual consumption. The consumption of the on-going year can be seen from your heating bill(s), however it is difficult to understand the overall picture of the entire year.

The chairman of the building might have access to the Wattimaatti-service. Learn more about Wattimaatti from here (linkki).

How can the consumption of energy be reduced in heating?

Firstly, the temperature of the rooms of the residence should be measured. For example, the temperature of bedrooms can be lower (18-20 degrees Celsius) than that of the rest of the rooms. To read more about recommended room temperatures click here (linkki).

If you are worried about the temperature situation of your home, contact your landlord for help. Further measurements and action can be taken after talking with the landlord. If adjustments need to be made in the boiler room, a professional should be contacted to do the work; the janitor of the building might not be qualified to make changes.

The temperature of the entire building can also be affected by whether the radiators have been balanced or not. When the radiators in the building are balanced, they all heat up simultaneously. In addition to balanced radiators, the age and condition of the thermostat in the boiler room also has an effect on the temperature.

Adjusting the radiators in your home does not have a great effect, and is also not recommended. The location of your apartment also has an affect; for example, an apartment at the end of a building can be cooler than an apartment in the middle of the building due to the surrounding apartments keeping the middle apartment warm.

Is changing to geothermal heating profitable?

Geothermal heating can be a cost-effective option for many locations if the current cost rate of electricity stays the same. If the cost rate increases, the benefits of geothermal heating might be reduced.

Renewable energy sources are constantly increasing in the production of energy for district heating. District heating is an easy, reliable and secure option for housing companies.