Fire Safety

How should residents be informed about fire safety?

Safety measures of an apartment building lie with the housing company board and deputy landlord.

It is the job of the safety manager of the housing company together with other people in charge to prepare a rescue plan for the building. In addition to inform residents about the plan, it is recommended that they be involved in the planning process as well; it is, after all, a plan which concerns them. SPEK (the Finnish National Rescue Association) organises training for safety managers. The housing company pays a salary for the performed work.

When considering fire safety residents must install and take care of their fire alarms. They should also minimise fires with their preventative behaviour. It is important for residents to remember that they should not go into stairways or other spaces filled with smoke. Clearly marking the address of the building and stairways makes the rescue process easier.

Can fires be prevented with specific equipment?

Yes they can. Preventing fires can be done by, for example installing timers on coffee machines and ovens, or by buying appliances which have timers already installed. Overheat detectors and stove guards also prevent fires. An automated sprinkler system is the best way to put out a fire, and for example the Caverion huoneistokohtainen system is handy to install. It covers 1-2 rooms and costs approximately 7000€.

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