Water Consumption

How do I know if I am using more water than usual?

An average Finn uses approximately 155 litres of water per day, however 100 litres would be a sufficient amount. We recommend using water meters per apartment. Studies have proven that using water meters decreases water consumption by 15-20% per person.

The holder of the real estate can record the water meter readings and calculate the average daily water consumption of the residence. The water meter should stay still when water is not being used. If a months’ consumption rate differs greatly from the average rate, there might be cause to suspect a leak in the pipes or appliances.

A leak in the toilet seat is easy to find. Place a piece of toilet paper underneath the water inflow opening. If the paper becomes wet, there is a leak.

How do I know if the water consumption of the shower is adequate?

A water flow meter is used to evaluate the water consumption of taps. In Finland all taps are equipped with a built in flow control. This flow control indicates the amount of water in litres flowing out of the tap in a time period of one minute (litre/min).


Shower and kitchen faucets have been set at a flow rate of 12litres/min and wash basin faucets have been set at a rate of 6litres/min. With these flow rates we can calculate, for example the amount of water consumed during a five minute shower (12 litres/min*5min=60litres).

How can I save water when doing the laundry?

Only prewash clothes which are very dirty. A suitable amount of washing to wash at a time is when the machine is ¾ full. By washing this amount of washing you not only save water, but washing detergent and energy as well. Use the lowest temperature possible when washing clothes. By lowering the temperature from 60 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius, the consumption of energy is decreased by 40%. Avoid unnecessary use of a tumble dryer or cabinet drier; drying clothes outside is the most energy efficient option. Also, avoid detergents which include zeolite.