Electricity Consumption

How can I find out what is consuming electricity in my home?

The electricity consumption of appliances with a regular cable coupler can be tested by renting an electric supply meter.

  1. Reserve an electric supply meter free of charge by filling your information into this form (LINK).
  2. We will contact you personally when a meter is free for use.
  3. Pick up the meter from Moreenia (Valssipadonraitti 3), Wed 10-13 and Thu 11-18.

If you have any questions about the electricity consumption of your home, feel free to ask our energy advisors (LINK)!

Which appliances consume the most energy?

Appliances should not be left on unnecessarily, for example if they are not in use. In most homes most of the electricity is consumed for heating. To reduce the consumption of energy, only warm up the rooms where time is spent. The temperature of the rooms which are not used as much as others, can be lowered.

Heating water also consumes a lot of energy. 90% of energy consumed by washing machines is used on heating water. Consider if your washing needs a high wash temperature and do not wash half empty loads.

An old fridge with a low energy class also consumes a lot of energy. The energy class can be seen from the energy label and is shown as a scale from A+++ (the best) to D (the worst).

Place your fridge as far away from the stove, direct sunlight and other sources of heat. There must be space behind the fridge to ensure proper airflow. Defrost the fridge, at the latest when ice begins to form inside. A fridge with the sufficient and correct temperature setting consumes less energy than one which is working at maximum capacity.

Which consumes the least energy: a desktop, laptop or tablet?

A tablet consumes the least energy from the three options. It consumes 60% less energy than a laptop, which in turn consumes 80% less energy than a desktop. When a desktop is in use for two hours a day, the energy consumption costs approximately 24€ annually. The annual electricity bill of a laptop is approximately 3€ and of a tablet approximately one euro (if the devices are used for two hours a day).