Do you already have an energy expert?

Do you already have an Energy Expert?

An Energy Expert is an active resident of the building who is willing to calculate living expenses and promote comfort in their home. Over 70 Energy Experts have been trained in Tampere and experiences have been encouraging.


An Energy Expert can decrease the following in your building:

  • expenses caused by electricity, water and heating
  • unnecessary calls to the deputy land lord
  • expenses concerning maintenance

An Energy Expert can be anyone in the board of the building who is interested in matters of energy. With the help of an Energy Expert the board can enhance the way residents live. The janitorial service of the building can get up-to-date information of the building, strengthen their customer relationship and improve their service outcome.


Over 40 % of the condominium payment of the apartment consists of heating, electricity and water costs. The Energy Expert service has proven to be fruitful.


Energy Expert houses have achieved savings on average:

  • 5 % in heating
  • 10 % in electricity
  • 20 % in water