Detached House

What is a detached house?

A single-family house, semi-detached house, and a double-story house with two units are all considered to be detached houses. In other words, a detached house is a building with a maximum of two units and 1-3 floors.

How do you maintain a detached house?

When considering keeping a single-family house in good condition, there is enough work to do for around the year. Most work requires little or no effort. Performing small regular maintenance work pays itself back in the long-run. Most repair work needed for houses is done between spring and autumn.

A checklist for a single-family house:

  • Check the seals on the windows and doors during the summer time. If needed, the seals can be repaired using silicone.
  • Fire alarms and other safety issues should be checked a few times a year
  • The thermostats of the radiators in the house should be checked and cleaned at least once a year
  • The condition and consumption of energy of electrical appliances should be checked at least once a year
  • Learn to keep your electrical appliances off completely instead of on stand-by to save energy

With the small tasks listed above you will increase the durability of your home and bring down the consumption of heating and electricity. The value of a house holds if it is kept in a good condition. In addition, small regular maintenance work in comparison to big renovations saves costs in the long-run.

What is considered in a maintenance manual (a long term plan) for detached houses?

From the year 2000 it has been mandatory to create a maintenance manual for houses used as a permanent work place or residence. The responsibility of compiling a manual and updating its contents lies with the owner (or developer) of the building.

It is not only necessary to create a maintenance manual; it is also important to enforce it and keep it updated. The Building Control Department works as the supervising authority when considering compiling and enforcing maintenance manuals. The contents of the manual is checked during the final inspection of the building. A record of this inspection is written in the report of the final inspection.

A maintenance manual should include all technical information of the building including all user manuals of electrical appliances. Other recommended topics to add in the manual are: a list of necessary maintenance work, documentation of past renovation and maintenance work, and documentation of purchase. The maintenance manual is an excellent base for methodical maintenance work.

How to compile a maintenance manual:

  1. Choose a  suitable base for your manual
  2. Document all material received during construction (e.g. instructions from component manufacturers), take photos and information as it is received
  3. Request maintenance instructions from all parties of the project
  4. Create the maintenance manual with the aid of designers and the supervisor of the project
  5. Present the manual to the Building Control Department during the final inspection
  6. Enforce the manual and begin systematic maintenance of your home